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Kimchi is Chowder's pet and was first introduced in "The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin". He is a stink cloud, but is commonly referred to and seen as a toot given his pattern of speech, odor, and appearance. Due to his smell, no one likes being near him, however Chowder doesn't mind and has gotten used to his stench over the years. He is voiced by C.H. Greenblatt.

He is closest to Chowder, whom he mutually considers his best friend. He cares for his owner and best friend a lot and will often grow very worried and anxious if Chowder is gone for extended periods of time. The two are often seen playing games with each other, such as in the beginnings of "Chowder Loses His Hat" and "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding."


Kimchi is a stink cloud and is portrayed as a translucent, brown cloud with eyes. He lacks any sort of nose, mouth, or limbs. When flying, Kimchi leaves behind a small trail of gas that quickly dissipates.

Speech Pattern

Kimchi's style of speech consists of a varied range of flatulent noises. Similarly to Shnitzel and Foie Gras, Kimchi is unable to speak in a language that the audience can understand, however the tone of Kimchi's toots or remarks made by other characters can help given context to what Kimchi says.


Younger Kimchi

A younger Kimchi as seen in "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding."

In "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding," it was shown that Kimchi was born in a swamp and lived with his family. One day, many years prior to when the show took place, Mung forced a younger Chowder to hunt for some flushrooms in the swamp alone. After catching sight of a couple of them, he ran away and hid deeper within the swamp. While hiding from the flushrooms, Chowder noticed the small stink cloud floating towards the open mouth of an alligator. Worried for its safety, he quickly went up and saved Kimchi, putting him in the same cage Kimchi lives in today. Under the impression that he had saved the stink cloud, Chowder assured him that he'd be fine before taking him home with him. Kimchi's family was horrified upon learning this information as Kimchi lived in an alligator's mouth.

In "Stinky Love," Kimchi had fallen in love with a Clabbage Cobbler than Mung, Shnitzel, and Chowder made for an order. Kimchi took the cobbler with him to the top of one of the catering company's towers. After spending a night with the cobbler, the next morning, it was shown that Kimchi and the cobbler had produced many eggs, all of which hatched mini Clabbage Cobblers.

Kimchi currently lives in a cage that sits next to Chowder's bed in his room.


  • Kimchi is named after a popular Korean dish known as kimchi. It is made with a variety of fermented vegetables and is commonly and notably quite stinky.
  • To avoid dispute in South Korea, the Southeast Asian version of Cartoon Network, which broadcasts to South Korean audiences, muted every mention of his name in dialogue in the English audio feed. The channel's Korean language subtitle feed refers him as "지지" (Jiji)[1], meaning "support" (likely chosen as his name due to the fact he is Chowder's best friend). The channel itself does not have Korean audio feed because of South Korean media regulations.
  • In Cartoon Network (Japan), Kimchi's name had been changed to Nattō (なっとう)[2], a Japanese bean dish known for its strong odor. This was due to the fact that Kimchi is a Korean food.
  • In "The Garage Sale", a comment made by Chowder reveals that Kimchi pees his cage whenever Chowder is gone for too long.
  • Kimchi is possibly inspired by Goku's Flying Nimbus from Dragon Ball. Both share similar appearances and, occasionally, Chowder is seen being able to sit on Kimchi as means of transportation, similar to how the Flying Nimbus is used.


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