Ambrosia is a baking apprentice in the "Chowder Grows Up" special who works under the teachings of Panini at Panini's Muffins. In that episode, because Chowder refused to grow up, Panini never married Chowder which led to Ambrosia often being abused by her by being forcibly infantilized. This was to help Panini cope with the lack of Chowder and any children in her life.


She is a green-furred cat-bear-rabbit with a single, rabbit-like ear that stands up. As well, she has the signature striped-tail as seen on all other kinds of her species and has a hot pink, triangular nose, similar to Panini's. She also has more rounded cheeks like Chowder and has sapphire eyes.

Her typical outfit is a pink t-shirt with a white apron, fern green pants, and blue-gray shoes.


  • Her single ear may be a tribute to Matt Groening's Life in Hell character, Bongo, a rabbit character with only one ear.
  • Panini would often call Ambrosia "Numnums", the same nickname Panini had given to Chowder as a child.
  • Her name is likely taken from "ambrosia" (Greek for "immortality"), a type of food or drink which would bestow immortality upon its consumer.
    • Ambrosia was also sometimes depicted as being distributed by a nymph of the same name. A nymph is a creature of nature, described as being a young-looking, free-spirited, female deity. The young, carefree nature of nymphs could possibly be a reference to how Panini would often treat her as a baby.
    • Ambrosia's name could also be a reference to the cultivar of apple of the same name.