Ancho is a character that appeared in Shnitzel Makes a Deposit and Chowder Loses His Hat. And a cameo on Hands On a Big Mixer.

It is possible that Ancho was named after the ancho pepper, or the sauce of the same name. Or maybe is a nickname for anchovy.

In Shnitzel Makes a Deposit, it is revealed that what appears to be a tie is actually a tie-shaped growth on his neck, although this could have been a gag as it is never mentioned again. It is also true that no episodes say anything about it being just a tie, so there is nothing to disprove that it is a growth.


Ancho is very shy when it comes to girls but he is easily angered when someone makes fun of his tie-shaped deformity. It was revealed in the episode "Chowder Loses His Hat" that he has crush on the Pepper Spray Saleswoman.


Ancho has a deformed growth on his neck shaped like a tie and wears a big hat on his head.


  • He is voiced by Phil LaMarr who is a main voice actor in Futurama. He best known for the voices of Hermes Conrad, Dwight Conrad and the Preacherbot.