Apprentice is a title given to those presently under the teachings of a master. It's common practice for masters to single-handedly teach only one apprentice at a time. Almost any type of profession welcomes a master and apprentice duo. Apprentices are typically children, however anyone of any age can become an apprentice.

There are many events that take place in Marzipan City centered around apprentices. Apprentice Appreciation Day is an entire day focused around appreciating the today's hard-working youth, while similarly, the Apprentice Games are where apprentices can compete against each other in order to win glory for both themselves and their masters.

There is also a scouting group specifically for apprentices known as the Apprentice Scouts.

Apprentices Seen in the Show


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The main character of the show, Chowder, is an apprentice throughout the entire series. He works under the teaching of Mung Daal in the catering company and strives to become a master chef. The purple cat-bear-rabbit is most known for being a scatterbrain who can eat anything.

As of "Chowder Grows Up", Chowder was able to become a cooking master and had picked out an apprentice of his own, a box turtle named Scraps.


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Similarly to Chowder, Panini is an apprentice under the cooking profession, specifically baking. She works under the tutelage of Ms. Endive in her bakery, Ms. Endive's Tasteful Foods. She's most known for having an undying crush for Chowder.

In "Chowder Grows Up", Panini became a master baker and was able to start her own business, Panini's Muffins. She became the master to Ambrosia.


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Gorgonzola is an apprentice candle holder under his master, Stilton. Gorgonzola is an immature and selfish rat, however he's shown to care for those he considers friends, even if he doesn't show it much.

After growing up in "Chowder Grows Up", Gorgonzola became an extremely successful candle holder, becoming the CEO of Candle Corp. Industries and finding his own apprentice named Kabob.


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Ceviche is a goat and an aspiring dancer learning under the schooling of his dancing master Pâté. He was known for having a crush on Panini, however, since "Chowder Grows Up", he had married Marmalade. Though he was never seen in the episode, he has also been confirmed to have become a successful dancing master and have an apprentice named Tartar.[1]


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Though not much is known about her, Marmalade, only seen in "A Faire to Remember", is a beautician-in-training and seems to most enjoy working with all-natural ingredients when creating her own makeup, such as strawbarbleberries and bluenanas. It is unknown if she got an apprentice of her own.