Chowder holding bluenana

Chowder holding a bluenana as a phone

A Bluenana and/or the character Bluenana only appeared in the episode "The Bruised Bluenana." The real food or/and the take off of this food is a Banana that is painted blue. When Chowder accidentally bruised the Bluenana, its mother was angered and scolded Chowder and Panini. For some reason the Bluenana is not just a food, but also acts like a cordless telephone. Panini was able to call Chowder through the bluenana. This could, however, just be a gag referring to the fact that Chowder pretended to talk into it like a phone (to get Panini to leave, obviously) only a minute ago.


  • Either Panini has a passion for bluenanas, or she just did that gimmick to get Chowder to kiss her.
  • Although in the episode, The Bruised Bluenana, they say bluenana, in the episode Shnitzel and The Lead Farfel say the banana.
  • The cordless telephone function of a Bluenana is a spoof of "Banana Phone." Bananas are also well known as being used as fake phones, as well as fake guns.
  • The bluenana, Although not seen, was mentioned in "A Faire to Remember" by Chowder when referring to the taste of Marmalade's facial makeover.