Burple Nurples are a burping treat that are the focus dish of "Burple Nurples". In that episode, Chowder accidentally adds poison to the Nurple recipe in place of Snore-iander. Mung Daal did everything in his power to keep Chowder from eating them and subsequently feeding them to the citizens of Marzipan, not knowing they're poisoned.

The Burple Nurple recipe is the first recipe Chowder attempted to make on his own.[1]


They are purple and flower-shaped snack with two "ears" protruding from the tops that act as a mouth which constantly burps, hence the name "Burple Nurples."

Gazpachos burple nurples

Non-poisonous Nurples as seen in a "Gazpacho's" commercial.


The entire recipe is not known as Chowder ignored and tore out most of the recipe.

Burple death

The effects of a poisonous Nurple on a flower.


Chowder prices his Burple Nurples at 5 dollops each (and 50 dollops for a bath of 10). Chowder doesn't seem to have a particular reason for charging so much for his Burple Nurples.[2]

When Mung, disguised as an ugly lady, attempted to retrieve more of Chowder's Nurples to prevent him from poisoning others, he failed to obtain any as he was strapped for cash after buying all of Chowder's previous Nurples. He then decides to take the Nurples outright without paying. Chowder charged much more expensively, stating that he had to pay 300 dollops for the small batch that was stolen.[3]


  • The name "Burple Nurples" is possibly taken from a popular schoolyard prank commonly referred to as the "Purple Nurple," in which a person's nipple is grabbed and roughly twisted, often done to inflict pain on the victim.
  • "Burple" in the name is a pun on the word "purple" in reference to Burple Nurples' perpetual burping.


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    Chowder: What was the first recipe you ever made?
    Mung Daal: Pickle in a cup!
    Chowder: Okay, well, after that.
    Mung Daal: Well, I made Burple Nurples, but I think that's a little too advanced.
    Chowder: I want to make Burple Nurples!
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    Mung Daal: Why are they so expensive?
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