Ceviché was Pâté's apprentice and Panini's best friend, as well as Marmalade's love interest in "A Faire to Remember". During the events of "Chowder Grows Up", Ceviché became the master of the dance school, married Marmalade, and became master to his new apprentice Tartar.[1]

Ceviché always seems to speak with a monotone inflection, regardless of what emotion he is actively expressing—whether it be fear, revenge, lovesickness, pain, happiness, or shock.


His opinion of musicals is higher than that of plays, as supposedly no one dies in musicals, indicating Ceviché is sensitive and prefers joyful entertainment. In "The Dice Cycle", he is also shown to be very kind and helpful, giving food to the poor, assisting old ladies across the street, and much more.


  • He is named after a Latin American dish consisting mainly of raw fish cured in citrus juices.
  • In "Panini for President", it is revealed that Ceviché had developed a crush on Panini.
    • This affection appears to be unrequited, however, as in "Hands On a Big Mixer", Panini states that she sees Ceviché as a big brother, distant cousin, or neighbor she waves to occasionally, and seems uncomfortable with his romantic advances.
  • Ceviché doesn't know how to count past 29 as seen in "A Faire to Remember".
  • A gag in "A Faire to Remember" implies Ceviché's hair could possibly just be a wig.
  • Ceviché, along with Panini and Marmalade, is one of Chowder's very few friends. They seem to be very close as Chowder agreed to spend the whole day with him in the episode "A Faire to Remember".
  • In "Hands on a Big Mixer" it is proven that he is older than Panini.
  • He is the only recurring apprentice that did not make an appearance in "Chowder Grows Up".


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