Chowder's hat is a puffy purple hat that Chowder has grown an attachment to. It is also known as "Chestnut 's Vacation Home."


Chowder and Chowder's Hat's Relationship

Chowder has grown a deep attachment to his hat, for he doesn't mind his hat causing him to have 'ear infections'. They send each other postcards with cats with tutus on. Chowder and his hat also made an egg together.

Chowder Loses His Hat

In "Chowder Loses His Hat ," he had swapped many things (e.g. a tea set for a yo-yo, a magic pickel for his own hat etc.) to regain his hat. Chestnut, however, still lives in Chowder's hat, and though Mung , Shnitzel and Chowder dancing was an 'earthquake'. He is never seen to stay in his hat any longer now.


  • Chowder may take his hat of from time to time.
  • Chowder had written his name in mustard inside his hat, which only reads squiggly lines
  • Chowder's hat can echo his voice.
  • Originally, Chowder's hat was accually his pants.

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Real Life

Some one made 3 types of Chowder Hats on a website known as fonuniverse. So for those of you who want a chowder hat so badly you can get one at this website before cartoon network and C.H. Greenblatt sue the person who made them