Chowder's wisdom tooth
He appeared in three episodes. He was the storyteller of The Puckerberry Overlords and he had a minor role in Panini for President and Chowder Grows Up. He has a bushy mustache and is usually shown with a book or a banjo.


  • As his name implies, the Wisdom Tooth is indeed wise. However, he is not an actual wisdom tooth.
  • His eyes are shown when he coughs.
  • He's possibly the sharp tooth that shows out of Chowder's mouth, but it is unlikely because of his shape.
  • It's possible that the Wisdom Tooth is a friendly parody of Sam Elliot's character The Stranger in the cult classic The Big Lebowski, given his strong southern accent, bushy mustache, and tendency for long and somewhat pointless narrations, such as deciding what to call the main character.
  • He is seen mostly in 3D and was only seen in 2D when Chowder looked at him