A Cup of Cloffee

A Cup of Cloffee.

Cloffee is a special beverage that can keep you awake and used to wake someone up after drinking too much Blormed Milk. This was seen in the episode the The Heavy Sleeper. In the latter episode, Mung Daal drank Blormed Milk with too much Blorm Root and was driven into a sleep-like trance for eternity unless he drank the cloffee or (what got him to wake up in the end) got tossed into water. Cloffee also appeared in The Sleep Eater, because Chowder used it to stay awake so that he wouldn't turn into a monster.


  • Cloffee is based on coffee, which is a beverage that contains caffeine, a drug that can keep you awake or full of energy. An overdose of caffeine can do the opposite.
  • Cloffee is often mistaken as Clawffee, and it is also mistaken to contain claws. It is possibly due to Mung's accent, which switches the long s(as in snake) to a sh (as in ship).
  • Cloffee is the parody of coffee.

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