Comedy Gold is a book that Gazpacho wrote to log all of his jokes and to help him whenever he performs standup comedy. It was only seen in one episode, "Gazpacho Stands Up," and has multiple chapters that contain various jokes. The book debuted in this episode. Some of it's chapters include Topical Comedy, Relationship Comedy, and Observation Comedy. It can be inferred that more than one copy of this book exists as Chowder had another copy.

Another version of the book, one crammed with random cooking recipes, also exists. This form of Comedy Gold was hastily put together by Chowder.

List of known jokes

Gazpacho Telling Jokes

Gazpacho performing at a comedy club with the book.

Chapter 1: Observation Comedy

This form of comedy consists of jokes derived from observations made from one's surroundings. This form of comedy can be used for social commentary.

  • "What's the deal with walking? It's like people have somewhere to be."
  • "What's the deal with hats? Why do people always wear them on their heads? Why not on their butts? Then they'd be called butt-hats!"

Chapter 4: Topical Comedy

Topical comedy is comedy that is generally based off of current events and, like observation comedy, can be used for social commentary.

  • "My mom said, "You should stop scratching your butt so much," and I said, "Hey, my butt is the one that should stop itching."

Chapter 7: Relationship Comedy

No jokes were written in this section, likely due to Gazpacho's bad skills with women.