Elemelons (Duchess, Queenie and Princess)

Elemelons are a type of animal fruit that are a cross between Elephants and Melons. They're mainly harvested for their juice. The juice is extracted by placing a hose in their trunk, and then squishing their bodies with the aid of a giant juicer. When juiced, elemelons become small for a short time before reverting to their typical size.

Truffles made friends with the three elemelons Mung Daal owns. They made their first and only appearance in the episode, The Elemelons. Their names are Queenie (leader, red-orange), Princess (outgoing, yellow-orange), and Duchess (shy, yellow-green).

If the Elemelons are overused or upset, they will not provide service.


Queenie is considered the leader of the elemelons. She is also the bossiest, as she always insists that she does everything first.

Princess is probably the most talkative out of the group. She is outgoing, silly, and easy to get along with.

Duchess is the most shy of the elemelons. She also appears to be frightened easily.


Queenie is a red-orange color with green leaves resembling a tiara, and her trunk appears to have lipstick on the end.

Princess is yellow-orange color, with green leaves resembling a large bow. Princess wears the most make-up, and like Queenie, has lipstick on the end of her trunk. She also has bright, happy-looking eyes.

Duchess is a yellow-green color with green leaves that resemble ears. She often appears sad or timid, and has dark circles under her eyes.


  • The Elemelons' names are based on female royalties.
  • The Elemelons appeared only in the episode The Elemelons.