Fish was a blue fish that appeared in "Mung on the Rocks". His only words in the only episode he appeared in are:

 "Man I wouldn't want to be that guy."

Oddly, he was dry land for a really long time and showed ill effects from it. What happened to him is unknown though it's possible he was eaten by Chowder after talking to him, baked for the Fish Sticks/Stones, let back into the lake or sea, or simply escaped from the kitchen but we can't be sure. Another blue fish appeared in The Apprentice Scouts when Panini showed affection to chowder whan they were stranded.Chowder used the fish as a weapon and then rubbed the fish as it were a genie lamp to save himself. The fish replied "OK 1, i'm not magic. And 2, im not a genie lamp. But lucky for you i am a carpenter". He then made a boat built with an oar & a banana cannon.


  • If you listen to the fish's voice carefully, He sounds like Iron Man from The Super Hero Squad Show without the robot effects. Tom Kenny voices both the fish and Iron Man. Tom Kenny is also known for voicing Spongebob Squarepants
"Simple as a pickle in a cup."
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