A Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin is a advanced level dish in Chowder. It was stated by Mung Daal that he had cooked this dish many times throughout his years of being a chef. It only takes 68 steps to make it, which can be a very tasking and tiresome process for the chefs who make it. The known ingredients are; stink bombs, with no fruit, juice, and 12 legged cave frogs.

This dish was the focus of the pilot episode of Chowder, "The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin".
Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin

The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin


The process of making the Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin has only been shown in a montage, therefore not every step is shown. The known steps are:

  • Step 1. Turn several no-fruits into apples by pulling off a leaf and hitting the fruit at the appropriate time.
  • Step 2. Remove explosive stink-sack from a twelve-legged cave frog, then place the frog meat (sans stink-sack) into the chipper-chopper. In the case where Mung and Chowder cooked it, Chowder accidentally placed the meat into the chipper-chopper early without removing the sack. He was able to shut the machine off before the sack could explode, however, he then licked it which released terrible smelling gases.
  • Step 8. Add a certain juice. Mung Daal and Chowder did this by rolling a barrel of the juice down a ramp to collide with Schnitzel, wearing a harness with a pushpin attached, on a trapeze. The pushpin impaled the barrel, allowing the juice to pour out.
  • Step 23. Schnitzel is seen opening a cupboard. All that is known is that the cupboard had sugar and something called Maple Bear Extract. He is attacked, once again, by a creature that was accidentally produced while turning the no-fruits into apples.
  • Step 46. Schnitzel is jumping up and down to power a brick oven, presumably to cook a part of the recipe.
  • Step 52. Mung, Chowder, and Schnitzel are sipping juice boxes, until Mung chokes and begins coughing. Besides possibly being a taste test, they could also have been waiting for the recipe to cook.
  • Step 68. Beating the dish at thumb wrestling. It turns into a giant hand on this step and the dish cannot be ready to serve unless it's beaten. Chowder was able to beat it by biting its thumb off.


  • The food gets its name from the fact it involves a twelve-legged cave frog, apples produced from no-fruits, and it has a crumbly texture when completed.
  • Its name had a strange acronym, F.A.C.T.
  • It can transform into a hand and could thumb wrestle at Step 68.
  • The food gets its name from the fact it involves a frog (12 legs, not 4),Apples (From the No fruit transformation), and it looks all multicolored (Mostly green), hinting it crumbles. Thumpkin sounds like "thumb" kin referring to the fact that the dish is a giant hand with a thumb.
  • This was named after the first episode of Chowder.