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Gorgonzola is a character in Chowder. He is a rat-like candle holder, who is Chowder's age, and he serves as a nemesis figure to Chowder. Gorgonzola holds a strong dislike for Chowder, but this has lessened since the Apprentice Games. He plays Sniffleball as the Zinger. His mentor and master is another candle holder named Stilton.


Gorgonzola is a green rat-like creature who has a blue-green wax candle on the top of his head, which is always lit. His ears stick out on either side of the candle. He has a long snout which curves upwards, a large, round, black nose, and two yellow buck teeth. Often, his eyes are drawn with bags under them. Gorgonzola's outfit is a large brown long-sleeve shirt, patterned with patches, and he doesn't wear any shoes. He has a long, curvy tail with three stripes on it. It's uncertain whether these stripes are a pattern or if they're bandages.


Gorgonzola is surly, and rather egocentric. This causes conflicts between him and Chowder, due to the latter's good nature. He also has a tendency to antagonize Chowder when things aren't going his way. It seems that he feels bored or unfulfilled within his own life, and instead believes that Chowder and Panini get all the fun. He dislikes Chowder quite a bit, but seems to have softened his opinion since "The Apprentice Games".

Conflict with Chowder

ChowDer picks Gorganzola.png

He nags on or teases Chowder for his weight. He's claimed Chowder weights "700 pounds". This is mildly ironic, seeing as Gorgonzola isn't so skinny himself (though he's not as large as Chowder). Gorgonzola has also hypnotized Chowder several times, using food, such as Master Lollipop, Master Cinnamon Swirl, Master Pizza, and Master "Ummm" (who is just Gorgonzola's hand). Chowder treats Gorgonzola kindly and appears oblivious to the fact that Gorgonzola likes him as a friend. He's referred to Gorgonzola as his "best friend" before (though that statement was disagreed upon a moment later). Despite this, there are a few occasions in which Chowder expresses that he's scared by Gorgonzola's presence (often because in these instances, Gorgonzola is threatening Chowder). It is said by Greenblatt that Gorgonzola is actually jealous of Chowder because Chowder is the apprentice of a famous chef, while he's only a mere candle holder. Gorgonzola's opinion towards Chowder changed for the better in the episode "The Apprentice Games", after Chowder saved his life. Succeeding this episode, Gorgonzola treats Chowder more gently. He starts insulting him less, and even goes so far as to help Chowder (like in "The Blackout" or "Hey, Hey, It's Knishmas").

Adult Gorgonzola, CEO of Candle Corp Industries.

In "Chowder Grows Up" it's revealed that Gorgonzola grows up to become the CEO of Candle Corp Industries, but in Gorgonzola's eyes, it's a hollow victory, as Chowder never grew up and therefore Gorgonzola can't brag about the success to him. He even admits he needs Chowder to be his rival. When Chowder does grow up, it gives Gorgonzola the peer he needs; however, due to Chowder's nature, he's happy for Gorgonzola rather than jealous, but deep down. This causes Gorgonzola to experience another hollow victory, and drives him crazy.{{


  • He bears a resemblance to Quitela from Dragon Ball Super.
  • C.H. Greenblatt once said that he came up with Gorgonzola's name because he doesn't like Gorgonzola cheese, so it seemed appropriate to use the name for a mean, ill-tempered character.
  • He may be similar to the Pokémon character Charmander in the sense if his flame is extinguished, he could die.
  • His voice actor (Will Shadley) is widely known for his role as Brian Darling Jr. in the show Dirty Sexy Money. Will also starred in The Spy Next Door.
  • Gorgonzola seems to have warmed up to Chowder over time, as his insulting has decreased significantly since "The Apprentice Games". Eventually he even helped Chowder win an election.
  • According to the events of "Sniffleball", it may be possible that Gorgonzola's candle flame can't be extinguished, since it did not go out when he was underwater with Chowder in one of the "base saving" scenes. However, other times in the show, Gorgonzola is afraid of his flame going near water, so this may have been an error.
  • The episode "The Dinner Theater" implied that Gorgonzola's candle is a natural part of his body, because when Ceviche squeezed the prior's legs together, his flame grew bigger.
  • In "Panini for President", Gorgonzola wakes up all the newborn babies in the hospital. This is considered a criminal act and as a result Gorgonzola was wanted by the Marzipan Police.
  • In "Hey, Hey, It's Knishmas", Gorgonzola and Stilton are in Marzipan Square, in a display called "The Magical Lights of Knishmas". Stilton is holding Gorgonzola up for all to see. This implies that, for whatever reason, Gorgonzola's candlelight is a Magical Light of Knishmas.
  • Gorgonzola is mean to Chowder because he is jealous that Chowder is the apprentice of a well-known chef.
  • In the episode "The Spookiest House in Marzipan", Gorgonzola works as the light in a lamp post, in broad daylight. He was not amused, claiming that being in the lamp post was a job, and that doing so was working.
  • In "The Apprentice Scouts", it is shown that Gorgonzola's candle is not an actual part of his body, as he took it off and wrung it out after falling into the river, as though it were a hat. However, he also took off his nose in "Sniffleball", so it's likely that this was simply a visual gag.
  • The episode "The Apprentice Scouts" revealed that, even if put out, a candle holder's candle is capable of somehow relighting without the use of a match, or any other source of intense heat.
  • Gorgonzola was unable to swim as of "The Apprentice Games", but was able to swim in "The Apprentice Scouts". It's possible that he may have learned to swim in the time between the two events.
  • Gorgonzola is Chowder's manager in the episode "The Toots". He is also seen with 2 girls in the episode.
  • In Japanese, Gorgonzola shares a voice actress (Hikari Yono) with Ms. Endive. The same voice actress also voiced Irwin from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, another Cartoon Network cartoon.