Kiwi is a stop-motion monster that appears during occasional cut-aways. He serves as a commentator and will give his thoughts, opinions, and responses to various scenes or characters. Kiwi is voiced by C. H. Greenblatt and was first seen in the episode "Burple Nurples."


Kiwi doesn't have much of a personality. He is usually seen making fun of or encouraging other characters or simply commentating on a scene. Though Kiwi will speak to a variety of characters, most of what he says is usually directed towards Chowder.


Kiwi is a furry pink monster with long ears and a light pink tuft on the top of his head. He has black, dotted eyes and a large, light pink muzzle with a purple nose similarly shaped to Chowder's. He has notable large, sharp tusks protruding from his bottom jaw with smaller, flat teeth filling the gap in between, as well as two significantly smaller teeth protruding from the center of his upper jaw.

Kiwi's animated place-holder has significantly smaller eyes and a smaller nose to his stop-motion form. He is also much lighter in color and has shorter, stubbier arms, as well as a visible belly button.

He is usually seen on a green background with three flies flying around him, and he is only ever seen from his torso up. In "Brain Grub," however, during his car sale advertisement, his full body can be seen. Additionally, this episode is also the only one in which Kiwi is referred to by name.



  • Kiwi's name is based off of the kiwifruit, usually referred to as the "kiwi."
  • It is possible that Kiwi harbors feelings for Shnitzel; in "Shnitzel Quits," he offers to give Shnitzel his heart forever.