Lead Farfel
Lead Farfel
Aliases None
Occupation Giant Heavy Object
Age 193
Affiliations Dreaded Lead Farfel, Diaper Baby
Family None
Species Possibly Rock
First Appearance Shnitzel And The Lead Farfel
Last Appearance Shnitzel And The Lead Farfel
Voice actor Kevin Micheal Richardson

The Lead Farfel is a living block of lead. He is rude, and Shnitzel once carried him in Shnitzel And The Lead Farfel to revive his weakened muscles. It was also noted that both Mung Daal, Endive and a baby who also appeared in The Heavy Sleeper at one point also moved the Lead Farfel as seen by the lines drawn on the ground.


He has a towering voice and will often insult people who have lifted him before. When actually lifted though it is revealed that he is afraid of heights, even if those heights are but a few feet. He resembles the Thwomp enemy that appears in the Mario video game series.


Ironically, the Dread Lead Farfel is voiced by Kevin Micheal Richardson (who originally voiced Shnitzel for the pilot episode, but Richardson was replaced as the voice of Shnitzel by John DiMaggio).