Marmalade is a pig/frog beautician-in-training who only appears in "A Faire to Remember." Her best friend is Chowder and she has a crush on Ceviche. She runs a beauty stand in Marzipan City, and all of her beauty products are made from natural and organic ingredients, such as bluenanas or strawbarbleberries.


Marmalade's appearance primarily resembles a pig, with a round, pudgy body (similar to Chowder's) and a prominent pig snout. She also has light green skin, similar to that of a typical frog. Her signature outfit is a blue dress with floral and leaf patterns with matching blue shoes. She has very large, voluminous, curly pink hair with three clips through it. Her bangs are held up with a large bow.

She's seen wearing her mascara, light purple eye-shadow, pink blush, and pink lipstick.


"A Faire to Remember"

Panini misinterpreted Marmalade's and Chowder's friendship as a romantic relationship, causing her to become jealous. In the end, the two ended up as acquaintances. Though Marmalade was oblivious to Panini's attempts at trying to break her and Chowder apart throughout the episode, she didn't seem to feel too fondly of Panini after learning about what she did.

"Chowder Grows Up"

Though neither her or Ceviche made an appearance in this episode, it was confirmed by the creator that the two had married each other and became masters in their respective fields.[1] It is unknown who Marmalade's apprentice is, if she has one at all.


  • The Marmalade/Ceviche relationship is a parody of the Chowder/Panini relationship.
  • Marmalade's species, a Pig/Frog, is a possible reference to the relationship between Kermit and Piggy in the Muppets franchise.
  • Her favorite food is chicken.
  • She has an appreciation for fine cutlery.
  • Her catch phrase is "Yuk yuk yuk!"
  • Marmalade's name is based off of marmalade, a fruit preserve made up of the peels and juice of citrus fruits, boiled in sugar and water.
  • Marmalade appears not to have an apprentice of any kind.


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