Mood Fruit is a necklace that comes with different or same fruit. Each fruit shows that when your in the mood. Like when your mad it turns red and brown together with flames. Mung Daal and Ms. Endive have battle for this because Mung needs it for a dish and Endive need it just for putting it around her giant meaty neck. It was seen around in At Your Service. They are easily squishable and not all of them are the EXACT same of color (some are light, some are dark, they're all different). It changes color depending on the mood you are in, for instance blue means you feel sad, red is mad, brown is happy/glad, and black means furious or possily wanting a death.

Mood Fruit is a set of berries strung together like a necklace. This may be based off of the real-life candy necklaces. The berries change color depending on the mood of the wearer. Red, for example can indicate anger, while blue can mean sadness. In the episode, "At Your Service," Mung Daal and Chowder must work for Ms. Endive in order to receive the Mood Fruit for his recipe.

Mood Fruit
Color Mood

Light Blue

Red Anger
Brown Happiness or Smugness