Mr. Fugu
Occupation Entrepreneur
Affiliations Foie Gras (valet)
Species Living Balloon
First Appearance "Chowder and Mr. Fugu"
Voice actor Bob Joles

Mr. Fugu is a red oddly shapen living balloon that wears a toupee and enjoys eating large amounts of food. He is Mung's most frequent customer. He played an important role in Chowder and Mr. Fugu. He and his valet Foie Gras were seen again in "Hands On A Big Mixer," "The Blast Raz," and "The Birthday Suits."


  • Mr. Fugu is named after Fugu, a Japanese dish made from the meat of the pufferfish/blowfish, which is notorious for being poisonous if not prepared correctly.
  • He talks with a British accent and can't control his flotation. It is also possible he is an anthomorponic balloon because Fugu is made of blowfish.
  • He never shares.
  • Foie Gras, the cat that carries Mr. Fugu, is a Maneki Neko from Japanese mythology and is known for bringing good luck. The relation to food may be that many Japanese restaurants have Maneki Neko in their establishments.
  • The cat's design is derived from a surrealist Japanese film, Cat Soup.