Endive's Delicous Foods
Ms. Endive's Tasteful Foods is Endive's rival kitchen to Mung Daal Catering and is the home of Panini and Ms. Endive, and possibly Margarine.

It's shown to be much fancier and more well kept that Mung Daal's Catering company, possibly due to Endive making more money than Mung and/or the place isn't destroyed in almost every episode it appears in by Chowder due to Endive's gentle cooking style compared to Mung's wacky and somewhat reckless cooking technique. Inside are many portraits of Endive, marble columns, and beneath the building is a mine of sugar sapphires caused by sugar coal deposits under pressure from her stomping around every lonely Friday night. For a brief time, Schnitzel worked there until he quit at the end of Schnitzel Quits.