You take the moon, and you take the sun

—Mung's line in the intro

Mung Daal is the owner and head chef of Mung Daal's Catering Company, and the deuteragonist of the series.


Mung is typically kind and friendly, and has exhibited a good amount of patience for his apprentice. He can, however, be quite stern if that patience reaches its limit.

Despite being married, he takes great delight in impressing other women, and likes to claim he is a "ladies' man".. A statement that frequently, and humorously, blows up in his face.

He is immensely proud of his mustache, and will comment about it if the opportunity to do so arises. He also appears to be very persnickety about properly caring for and maintaining it- even to the point that he would not dive into the ocean to rescue Chowder, for fear that his "moustache might get wet".


While Mung Daal has a more humanoid appearance than that of his employee and apprentice, he certainly isn't human, as indicated by his bright blue skintone and outlandish features.

He has a large nose, white hair in a small tuft atop his head, bushy eyebrows and a long mustache that curves upward. In Mahjongg Night, it is revealed the Mung Daal had a beard as well, prior to the beginning of the series, but it was eventually ripped off during one of Truffles' tantrums.

Mung Daal wears an interesting outfit consisting of a professional chef's coat, a red and green plaid-patterned kilt, brown shoes and tall black socks. He also appears to wear thick glasses, but whether these are necessary for seeing or simply a safety precaution is unclear.

While his work uniform is exactly the same as his everyday outfit, he sometimes adorns a chef's hat while in the kitchen.


Mung was raised with Lo Mein, hisprevious cooking master. It is revealed that he too made many mistakes in his apprenticeship. This isn’t where he became obsessed with women.

Said flashbacks also indicated that prior to becoming a professional chef, he married Truffles, and it is mentioned that the two have remained married for 450 years.


  • Mung has appeared in every episode of Chowder, except for "The Apprentice Scouts."
  • However, Mung was absent from many of the End Credit Puppet Scenes.


Mung has many humorous relationships with several characters in the series.


Despite having no children, Mung Daal has apparently assumed the role of fatherhood for his apprentice, taking care of Chowder as a parent would, and allowing him to live in-house.


I can't see through walls, woman!

—Mung to Truffles after she shouts about an order by a customer.
Stereotypical of elderly couples, Mung and Truffles bicker very frequently and occasionally have disagreements that manifest in confrontation, but they also appear to love one another- even if said love happens to be expressed in bizarre ways.


Honey, you gotta pay Shnitzel!

—Mung to Truffles about paying Shnitzel actual money.
Schnitzel is a hired helper of the catering company, and though he frequently complains about his work, he does appear to care for Mung, Truffles and Chowder, and often uses his immense strength to get them out of trouble.


Congratulations, maybe next time, you'll try for two?

—Mung to Gazpacho about his exercise routine.
Gazpacho is Mung's friend, and also the supplier of the ingredients he uses for preparing dishes. At times, Mung can become annoyed by Gazpacho, but despite that they always appear to care about one another.

Ms. Endive

Ooh! Good idea, this will teach her to act like she's better than me!

—Mung is told by Shnitzel to taunt Endive, and gleefully does so.
Ms. Endive is Mung's rival and she constantly tries to meet and surpass his accomplishments (normally succeeding in doing so, if only for a short time). She is shown to possibly have feelings for Mung, which may explain the excessive amount of jealousy and rivalry she exhibits toward him.

Lo Mein

Lo Mein is Mung's previous cooking master, and given the amount of distance Mung has put between himself and his master, their relationship is a volatile one. Frequently expressing disdain and insensitivity for his former apprentice, Lo Mein does not seem to have a high opinion of Mung or his cooking capabilities.


Like everyone except for Endive, Mung likes Todd a lot.


  • He is named after both Mung beans, and "Moong Dal", a South Asian dish that is prepared using primarily Mung beans.
  • Mung was originally meant to have an Indian accent, but Cartoon Network would deem it too racist. Instead, Mung speaks with an authentic British accent, which his voice actor Dwight Schultz based off of Frank Morgan in The Wizard of Oz (1939).
  • C.H. Greenblatt had originally planned on Mung to have a huge "Spoon", but changed his mind.
    • As reference to this in Sleep Eater, while Mung was guarding the fridge with Schnitzel, Mung could not decide if he wanted to have the Fork of Power or the Spoon of Power, so he kept switching with Schnitzel.
  • He has mentioned that and Truffles were married 450 years, as of "Mung on the rocks."
  • According to the episode Won Ton Bombs he used have green skin as a kid but later turned blue in his adult years.
  • The end of his nose is similar to a Mung Bean.
  • He is known for saying his famous catchphrase, "Ladies".