No fruit

No Fruit

The No-fruit is a transforming fruit. The No-fruit's first and only appearance was in the episode "Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin," and is the first fruit introduced on the show.  

Once a leaf is plucked off of the No-fruit, it rapidly transforms into a wide variety of different fruits, and will halt when the fruit is struck with a blunt object.  

When Chowder ate the fruit when the leaf was not yet plucked, he complained that it had no flavor. But once the No-fruit transforms, it takes on the flavor of whatever fruit it becomes, only more flavorful as Chowder described an apple as "super appley."


The No-fruit looks like a block of tofu with two green leaves on top.


  • When Mung says to hit them at the right time, Chowder hits a un-transformed no-fruit by accident.
  • The No-fruits are seen in the games Bookin' Cook and Rump-A-Thump.
  • If a No-fruit is hit at an incorrect time, it will turn into a hostile, juice-spitting creature.
  • The time between changes gets faster as time goes on.