Officer Killbot
Officer kILL bOT
Officer Killbot telling Mung he should get a toupee.
Aliases N/A
Occupation Officer
Age N/A
Affiliations Sergeant Hoagie (boss)
Family N/A
Species Robot
First Appearance Shnitzel Makes a Deposit
Last Appearance The Birthday Suits
Voice actor N/A

"Okay, who's left? (Looks around) Officer Killbot! Aha!" (Officer Killbot's head blows off)

- Sergeant Hoagie, trying to decide who will be the first to face a dangerous criminal

Officer Killbot is a robot. This robot was seen in episodes, "The Wrong Customer" and "Shnitzel Makes a Deposit". He always blows up his head. Officer killbot is a robot soldier designed by the Marzipan City Special Agency to protect the city from evil but he malfunctions so they assigned him to the Marzipan Police Force so he could protect the city he loves in a different way.


Officer killbot