Reuben is a pig-like character who has appeared in a total of 6 episodes. He usually speaks in a very calm, soothing voice and is shown to be very manipulative and cunning. His first major appearance was in Certifrycation Class, where he was the cooking instructor. In The Rat Sandwich, he tricked the gang into being his servants by planting his rat friend in his sandwich he ordered from the Catering Compant. In The Party Cruise, he tricked Mung Daal, Chowder, and Shnitzel into boarding a ship which he stole. He also made cameos in Grubble Gum and A Little Bit of Pizzazz!. Reuben is shown to strongly dislike Mung Daal and usually is shown scamming and manipulating him.



  • In the episode The Party Cruise, Reuben stole a ship and posed as captain until Mung Daal discovered that he wasn't the actual owner.


  • Reuben seems to have a love for sandwiches, likely inspired by the fact that a 'reuben' is also a type of sandwich.
  • Reuben is voiced by and named after actor Paul Reubens, known well for creating and playing the role of 'Pee Wee Herman'.
  • Reuben has a crush on Endive. He may also be similarly attracted to Truffles.
  • Reuben is allergic to mayonnaise, according to the episode Certifrycation Class. (Though Endive passed with the same sandwich formula as Mung who failed, it's likely that she knew Reuben was allergic to mayonnaise and therefore substituted it or left it out completely, or he tried to hide it to make Endive pass).

Reuben suffers from minor ptsd after the great food war.