The Sing Beans
Sing Beans are exactly what the name says - beans that sing. When Chowder takes them for a walk in the episode, Sing Beans, a dog ate them so Chowder, Shnitzel, Mung Daal, and Truffles had to fill it for them.
Sing beans


  • They seem to taste better depending on how you cook them and how long you cook it.
  • They are related to Tootie-Bootie Beans because they are both beans.
  • The ingredients needed to make Sing Beans are genre of music, including an ounce of Folk, a pinch of Salsa, and a touch of Reggae, plus a little Flava.
  • It takes overnight to cook them.
  • "You guys (The Beans), taste like sweat socks, and not the good kind" according to Chowder.
  • They could've tasted badly possibly because they sang badly, this happed when Chowder tasted one when they sang badly.