"The Apprentice Scouts" is about Gazpacho being the kids' scout leader. The masters of the kids are upset that Gazpacho is too easy-going when it comes to giving out badges, so he takes them on a rigorous journey to earn a badge on folding napkins to prove otherwise. With Gazpacho being so hyped on making the kids work for their badge, Chowder believes that the mammoth is infected with "Rabie-Cs", and warns the other kids to avoid being bitten by Gazpacho. However, with Gazpacho perfectly healthy, he races after the kids to keep watch on them, nearly getting them all killed as they try to keep away from him.


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  • We see Gorgonzola without his candle for the first time.
  • Gazpacho has extra flabby skin that he uses to glide through the air like a sugar glider.
  • We see Panini's obsession with Chowder more clearly than ever before. At one point in the episode, when Chowder, Gorgonzola, and Panini believe they are going to die, Panini states to Chowder that she had always planned for them to be "buried together in a tomb". Chowder states after hearing this that, if they make it out alive, he and Panini will have to have a "serious talk".
  • This first aired on Cartoon Network Video.
  • This is the only time in the entire series that Mung is absent in an episode. But in A Faire to Remember, Chowder told him and Truffles that they weren't in this episode.
  • Chowder was never in his normal clothes in this episode.
  • Gorgonzola's candle can be taken off, like a hat
  • When Gazpacho is "chasing" Panini, Chowder and Gorgonzola, there are two streams to take. One path has a smiling sun, the other is a waterfall. Chowder replies he "Doesn't like the look of that sun" and takes the waterfall. Upon their exiting the sun takes out a spiked club and replies "Darn, I almost had 'em."
  • Chowder makes an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression by saying : "Come with me if you want to live!"
  • Rabie-C's is an obvious parody of rabies in a style of "ABC".
  • Poison Jivey is a parody of poison ivy.
  • Foot Mumps is an obvious parody of the mumps.
  • After, falling off the waterfall, Ceviche disappeared from the episode.
  • Gazpacho believed that folding a napkin needed courage.


Chowder: Whew! thank goodness we're all escape alive! Ceviche: (falling down the waterfall) Why!!!!!!!!!!!


Apprentice Scouts

The Apprentice Scouts

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