Mung plants a seed that turns into a PARTY OF ARBORIANS THAT DRIVES MUNG CRAZY!


The episode starts when the gang is making syrup for their pancakes. To get the syrup, they have to plant an Arborian tree. So out from the ground pops Arbor, 'a proud arborian tree', and tells the gang if they want syrup, they have to live in a place he likes. So he tells they to get marble colmns and tigers holding lighning bolts to decorate the place. Soon enough, all of Arbor's relitives are coming to live in the place. Mung gets annoyed by this so he tells them to give them the syrup or they could just leave, so they lock him in a closet. Soon every one except Truffles is locked in the closet. They dig their way out and disguise themselves as Arborians. Then Mung tricks them into moving to Ms. Endive's house. At the end, Chowder is bummed that he has no syrup, then a little Arborian comes and says where they can find some syrup.


  • Arbor: You do not think she is most pretty?
  • Chowder: Oh she's pretty, Pretty Ugly!
  • Mung Daal: (to Arbor) Listen! I want the syrup now or you and your whole family can get out!
  • Chowder: (after tasting the pancakes) The pancakes are a wittle dwy.
  • Mung Daal: (after tasting the pancakes) I agwee.
  • Schnitzel: (after tasting the pancakes) Wadda wadda.

Arbor: Hey, you know what? I do something special just for you. I let you marry third daughter. She very pretty. Arboria, where are you? I have new husband for you!

  • Arboria: Here, father!
  • Arbor: No! not you! I mean pretty daughter.
  • Arboria: Oh!
  • Daughter: Here I am, father!
  • Chowder: Aah! No way! girls are icky!


  • The part where the playmate room they have the REAL pets:kittens and puppies as playmates.
  • In this episode, Chowder says it takes Mung seven or eight days to pee, but later in The Chain Recipe, they say it takes a good three hours.
  • Error: In one part, Mung has no eye pupils.
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