Mung Daal, Chowder, and Shnitzel help Gazpacho deliver the explosive Blast Raz fruit to Mr. Fugu.


Major Characters

  • Chowder
  • Mung Daal
  • Shnitzel
  • Mr. Fugu
  • Foie Gras
  • Gazpacho

Minor Characters

  • Truffles (cameo)


  • Gazpacho's Mom
  • Panini


Gazpacho asks Mung Daal for his snail car because Mr. Fugu ordered grape Blast Raz fruit from Gazpacho. When they finally reach the house, Mr. Fugu's driveway is under construction for random repairs. When Mung Daal and Shnitzel find out, they want to ditch out. Chowder, however is disappointed. But when Mung and Shnitzel aren't looking, Gazpacho secretly glues everybody (except Chowder) into their seats to avoid escape. Gazpacho say that if they help him deliver the fruit, Gazpacho will share the wealth he'll make from Fugu. The security of Mr. Fugu's F-shaped mansion says to take the detour, Route 17, to the back of Mr. Fugu's mansion. It is dangerous because the slightest bump or movement to the bombs will cause them to detonate and explode. They go through 60,000 miles of bumps, pot holes and end it in an active volcano. At the end when Gazpacho is sleeping, he is sleeptalking: "Lie to Mung, take all the money...use it to get...Mother to clown college...laugh at the suckers..." For the whole trip, Chowder has been singing the Route 17 theme song, which is a parody of Route 66. At the end, the volcano explodes and the moving lava drifts them to Mr. Fugu's house. The clips fall off of the blast raz and land on Mr. Fugu's house without detonating. Why they didn't detonate is because Mr. Fugu claimed that when blast raz fruit is sung to, they don't detonate. Ironically, Chowder saved the day by his terrible singing which Mung is surprised at as he mostly scolded Chowder for it.

Real World References

  • On the radio in Mung's snail car, it was a Route 17 theme song that was similar to Route 66.


  • The blast raz fruit looked idtenical to grapes. If they were to detonate, it will be likely if they were explode to grape soda or toxic grape juice. It is unlikely if they will ever be seen again or if we'll see them detonate.
  • As they go on Route 17, one of the cities or something is named Panini.
  • This episode has revealed that Shnitzel can get motionsickness.

Gazpacho in his sleep said " yep..... Mung.....take all the money......use it to send mother to clown college.......laugh at the suckers"



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