The Rat Sandwitch

The Rat Sandwitch

Reuben uses a rat (in a sandwich) to complain so he can have free food.


Reuben is using his rat at the Farmers Market, sending everyone into a panic for free food, but an angry rhino (Gazpacho's boss) comes and tells him and his rat "I thought I made it clear I never wanted to see you two dirtbags here again" to which Reuben replies "My good sir, I had assumed that was just a friendly suggestion." "Well, here's another suggestion for you" says the rhino, deliberately pulling the snout off of Reuben's face, to which Reuben states "I don't like what you're suggesting" and leaves, only to come back for his snout. He then sees Chowder and the gang buying groceries. He then decides to get his free food in Mung Daal's Catering. He orders a sandwich and says that there's a dead rat in it (and Chowder wants to eat it.) Then he says that if they don't do whatever he says, he'll show the rat and get them out of buisness.

Chowder soon complains that Reuben will not share his food. Mung dressed up like Truffles because he wanted to wear her dress and to distract Reuben while Chowder gets the sandwich. He still wants to eat the sandwich. So he takes a bite and the rat tells him that he's trying to "play dead". He also says that he does the work and Reuben gets the food.

Part of the costume falls and Reuben sees through the trick. The gang thought it's over and they won, but then he calls all the rats. Soon Chowder tells the rats that the rat and him have something in common and should not work for Reuben. The rats rebel against Reuben and kick him out while he's still in his bed. Reuben shouts at the rats that they're all off his birthday calendar. For a reward, all the rats get sandwiches, ending with Reuben's old pet rat doing the same trick, but with a seemingly dead roach.


  • Chowder's stomach talked for the second and last time in this episode, and his stomach talked in a rough, Mr. T style.
  • He named his stomach Mr. Tummy and it had a face.
  • Mung Daal claimed that "...I look good in this dress."
  • Truffles says "Au contraire." This similar like Phineas says "Au contraire, big sister. You're the star of the show." on Phineas and Ferb Episode "Out of Toon".
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