Chowder disturbs his "Appetite Clock" by eating snacks before bed. This causes him to turn into a monster at night and eat all the food. Mung and Schnitzel must work together to keep Chowder awake all night and away from food to reset his Appetite Clock and stop him from turning into the monster.


  • The music from Michael Jackson's Thriller is played in this episode.
  • This is the first time Chowder is a monster; he becomes a monster again in The Poultrygeist.
  • This episode is similar to an Ed, Edd, Eddy episode, A Glass of Warm Ed, in which Ed eats while sleepwalking.
  • At the end of the episode, Chowder, Mung Daal, and Shnitzel know about the audience to be here next to them.
  • Techincally, Truffles IS in this episode, but Chowder might not notice all the scripts for the entire episode.
  • When Shnitzel and Mung try to stop Chowder's monster form and Chowder puts them in his mouth and chews them once again in this scene, Mung and Shnitzel are puppets.
  • Begining with this segment, the series animation style and humor would change significantly due to some of the orginal crew from the series departing. The varies on some character designs and the breaking of the fourth wall more than usual.
  • When Mung tried to stop Chowder as a monster he shouted "You Shall Not Pass!" referencing Gandalf in Lord of the rings.
  • Chowder breaks the fourth wall because he said Truffles is not in this episode.
  • Curiously, this isn't the first time in that Chowder ate a food during the night time, in Mung on the Rocks, Chowder and Mung were eating a cake that the former kept in his pillow during the night, yet both don't suffer a damage in their Appetite Clocks and they don't turned in Sleep Eaters.


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