Thrice Cream is one of the most delicious desserts in Marzipan City. This great dessert is sold by a minor character with an Italian accent.


The Thrice Cream Man

Thrice Cream

Chowder about to eat thrice cream from his hat.

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Thrice Cream Man & Woman

The Thrice Cream Man and Thrice Cream Woman are two sentient thrice cream creatures. Thrice Cream Man was made from three scoops of thrice cream with a jingleberry on top. Thrice Cream Woman was likely made the same way. The two, after getting married, gave birth to 31 thrice cream babies, each with their own unique flavor.

Additionally, in the beginning of the episode, Chowder can be seen eating thrice cream from his hat.

Chowder and Mr. Fugu

After Chowder—who took Foie Gras' spot as Mr. Fugu's valet temporarily—took Mr. Fugu to the thrice cream stand, he ordered them both a Super Duper Double Scooper. This cone is comprised of two large scoops of thrice cream side-by-side in a large, non-pointed cone.

The Apprentice Games

In order to ensure Chowder would win the Apprentice Games, Mung bribed Chowder with a Chunky Lala-Choco-Nina-Nana-Bana Berry Swirl cone, dubbed the Ultimate Thrice Cream.

The Deadly Maze

A hot smudge sundae was used by Gumbo to lure Chowder into his Deadly Maze.


  • As its name implies, thrice cream's real world counterpart is ice cream.
  • Thrice cream is Chowder's favorite food, however Shnitzel hates it and Truffles is supposedly lactose intolerant.